Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Brezovica ski resort attracting visitors in Kosovo

You’ve probably heard of Kosovo, but not so much about the fact the Kosovo is a ski destination. Brezovica, is the largest ski resort in Kosovo and is attracting a large number of visitors this winter.  Brezovica is a touristic village, close to Prizren. The place is situated in the beautiful Sharr Mountains. The Brezovica area is a 1, 5 hour drive from the Pristina international airport, and close to the airport of neighboring country Macedonia. 
Photo credits: Kosovo Holidays

There are nine ski runs located in the area, with distances between 300 meters and 3.500 meters. The top of the biggest hill is around 2.500 meters (8200 feet) high.
Photo credits: Kosovo Holidays

Even New York Times dedicated a long article about skiing in Kosovo.  Also the British Travel Guide, Bradt Travel Guide recommends Brezovica among 10 alternative skiing destinations in 2018.
 “ Kosovo's premier ski resort, the Brezovica Ski Centre was built for the 1984 Olympics in Yugoslavia and still provides the best skiing in the country for cheap prices.
Photo credits: Kosovo Holidays

Many tour operators in Albania and Kosovo are organizing daily tours to Brezovica. You can go there just for some hours to enjoy the deep snow and learn to ski. There are special centres, where you can take some lessons how to use the equipment for skiing. You can go to the cable car and enjoy the amazing view of this resort. This is a place for entertainment for the ages. Even for beginners there are plenty of small sleigh (cost for rent is 3 euro for all the day) just to have e ride in the snow and to enjoy a wonderful experience.
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