Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Kosovo: Your next adventure tourism destination

Kosovo is blessed with so many beautiful nature destinations, where you can experience a lot of adventure activities. Medium.com, an online publishing platform, has recently published the article “10 Reasons to Make Kosovo Your Next Adventure Tourism Destination”, by PPSE Swisscontact.

Bike Tours
Photo credits: Dini Begolli 

“A landlocked country where you can explore outdoors all year round, while peppering your stay with a unique culinary experience and enriching your spirit at diverse cultural heritage sites, Kosovo is a destination that will speak to your adventure-seeking soul. You can challenge yourself with rock-climbing, caving, mountain biking, ziplining or swinging at nearly 900 meters above sea level.” 

Via Ferrata in Peja
Photo credits: Dini Begolli 
Here is the top 10 reasons to make Kosovo your next adventure tourism destination

1. Two Via Ferrata Lines: Peja and Zubin Potok
2. Bike tours in Peja, Prishtina, Junik and Grańćanica
3. Hiking, Camping and Yoga
4. Kayaking in Badovc Lake
5. Zip-Line in Peja
6. Caving in Radavc
7. Adventure Park & Giant Swing
8. Snowshoeing in Rugova and Brezovica
9. Night-Skiing in Boge Slopes
10. Via Dinarica Trail
Giant swing in Peja Adventure Park
Photo credits: Dini Begolli

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