Thursday, January 19, 2017

6 Reasons to Visit Kosovo- Top Backpacker Destination

A couple traveling from Melbourne, Australia, enjoyed a lot their trip to Kosovo and decides to highlight “6 Reasons to Visit Kosovo” on their website, “Goats on the road”.

They admitted first that they didn’t know much about Kosovo, but after they visited this place, their opinion changed a lot. And here are some reasons to visit Kosovo listed by Goats on the Road:
The reason number one is that Kosovo is Tourist Free Zone. “Kosovo is probably one of the last truly off-the-beaten-path destinations in Europe.”

The 2nd reason is that the country of Kosovo is a beautiful place, with the amazing city of Prizren, and Old Bazaar of Gjakova.

The 3d reason is: Kosovo is Possibly the Cheapest Country in Europe. Accommodation costs are on par with the rest of eastern Europe, with a highly rated hostel costing around 10 euro per night. A beer should cost no more than 1.50 euro. You can usually find a meal for less than 5 euro per person (and that’s at a ‘fancy’ restaurant). A burek or cevapcici sandwich will only cost a couple of euros. Plus, most attractions are free of charge!

The 4th reason to visit the country is people and food. Kosovars are wonderful people according to Goats on The Road. What about a Macchiato in Kosovo? Kosovo Makes the Best Macchiatos in Europe (and perhaps the world?)

Reason5. The cobble stoned streets of Prizren are a great place to sit in the sun with a tiny cup of deliciousness, and watch the world go by. You will be joined by plenty of locals, especially on weekends. Coffee is a way of life here!

Reason6. Last but not least, is the fascinating history of Kosovo.
By visiting Kosovo, you have the opportunity to hear first-hand accounts about one of the most significant conflicts of recent times. It brings history out of the text books, and into real life.

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