Thursday, June 30, 2016

Trek & Climb in the Accursed Mountains of Kosovo

This is a small adventure to explore an unknown area of ​​a small country: Kosovo. Here is how Spanish Magazine"Revista Oxigeno" describes the Climbing Tour to Kosovo organized by our company Kosovo Holidays.

"A trip combining visits to natural and cultural beauty, monasteries, medieval churches and mosques, with trekking and climbing “ferrata” in so-called as "Accursed Mountains" of Kosovo. The travel base field is set Prizren City, close to places to be visited for 5 days: the Mountains of Sharri, with its peak Rugova e Madhe, who at 2,658 m marks the border with Macedonia; the Lumebardhi River, which runs through mountain valleys before emptying into the Adriatic after passing through Albania, and that gives birth to visitors a place with about 25 lakes almost two thousand meters high; or Mirusha waterfalls that dot the walls escorting the river of the same name, along a canyon of 10 kilometers. As a postscript, the trip ends with one of the few ferrata in the Balkans: one hundred meters horizontal and vertical progression to enjoy the perfect view over the Rugova gorge.
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