Thursday, January 14, 2016

Winter Holidays in Kosovo

Kosovo, the newest born state in Europe, is surrounded by high mountains which favors winter tourism, and skiing during wintertime. 
Rugova Mountains, part of Albanian Alps have several peaks like: Boga, Hajla, Rusolia, Shtedimi, Mountains Strellci, Koprivniku, Mountains Lumbardh, Rrasa Zog, Gjeravica, Peak RUPES, Leqinati, etc., reaching an altitude up to 2656 meters.
Skiing centre in Boga lately is equipped with a ski-lift 1000 meters long and has facilities for different ski races national and international.
In Sharr Mountains, there are these ski regions like: Brezovica, Royal Meadows, Skarpa, Radesha, Restelica, Lybeteni, Piribegu, black Maja, etc., with an altitude up to 2522 meters. 
Brezovica Ski Centre, it is the main ski center in Kosovo. The resort, situated between 1,700 and 2,500 meters above sea level. It offers excellent weather and snow conditions, as well as long ski seasons from November to February. Assets of Brezovica include three hotels with 680 rooms, two restaurants and nine ski lifts with the capacity to transport 10,000 skiers per hour. Through its proximity to Prishtina Airport (60 km) and Skopje Airport (70 km), the resort is a possible destination for international tourists and has the potential to become the most favorable winter tourism destination in the Balkans.
Even Mountains of  Shala of Bajgora are quite rich with trails ideal for skiing.  So Kosovo has really great potential for winter tourism.
Hope that Kosovo will turn very soon from a new born state to a new born tourist destination, every season.  
Source: Kosovo Holidays

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