Friday, November 11, 2011

Kosovo among 41 places to go- New York Times

 The New York Times has recently ranked Kosovo among the 41 Places to Go in 2011, as part of a worldwide ranking of tourism destinations. In its annual travel advisory, Kosovo was listed number 36 for “rugged mountains, medieval architecture and unexpected nightlife.”

According to The New York Times, in Kosovo “[t]ravelers will be greeted by rugged mountains and pine forests. They’ll also find that Europe’s youngest nation boasts the Continent’s youngest population, with about half of the people under 25. That statistic comes to life in Pristina, the capital. Thanks in part to the return of enterprising young Kosovars living abroad, the city is filling with cafes, nightclubs and restaurants.”

How to reach Kosovo

By air - via Prishtina International Airport, located 15 km southwest of the capital Prishtina.

By road – via:

- Vërmicë, Morinë and Qafë Prushi (from Albania);
- Hani i Elezit and Glloboçicë (from Macedonia);
- Gryka e Çakorit and Zhlebi  (from Montenegro); and
- Merdarë, Dheu i Bardhë, Muqibabë, Jarinje and Gazivodë (from Serbia)

Prishtina International Airport has a capacity of one million passengers per year and it represents Kosovo's main gateway to the world. Via direct flights Prishtina International Airport connects Kosovo to London (UK), Vienna (Austria), Istanbul (Turkey), Budapest (Hungary), Zurich (Switzerland), Tirana (Albania), Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Hanover(Germany), Copenhagen (Denmark), Stockholm and Gothenburg (Sweden) and everywhere else in the world through the connections of one of the airports from the above mentioned countries

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